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Our campaigns are paid per 1 000 visits to our advertisers' websites. Our campaigns consist of displaying a website for several seconds and paid on CPCI model (Cost per Click Incentive)


Our campaigns are paid for every 1 000 visits to our advertisers' websites by making 1 or more internal clicks and paid on the MULTICPCI model (Cost per MultiClick Incentive)


Our campaigns are paid for the 1 000 views of our advertisers' videos. Videos can be in MP4, YOUTUBE or DAILYMOTION format and will need to be viewed for a certain number of seconds to generate income.

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The statistics displayed in your publisher area are in real time


We target the ads displayed on your website as much as possible. Best targeted campaigns are more efficient and therefore better paid


We work with the best advertisers to obtain the best remuneration on the advertising market for you

Monthly Payment

We pay you on the 1st of each month automatically by paypal from only €5. Ability to advertise by transferring funds directly to your advertiser balance (we also offer a 5% bonus on each transfer made in this way)

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